FIrst  flower pots created in the adult ceramics workshop of 2009

Heroes in Our Midst


  1. Ceramic Vases celebrating Lockerman Bundy ‘s school hero

  2. Created by students and adults

  3. Partnership project with Art on Purpose for community exhibit at The Walters Art Museum

photos of heroes workshops

The Dogwood Project

2010 - present

  1. RAP ceramics team created unique plates for the Dogwood Restaurant in Baltimore‘s Hampden neighborhood

  2. Porcelain plate design includes the Dogwood---”Do Good”---logo

The Dogwood features local and natural ingredients:


More about Morgan State University community art program and RAPware interns here

RAPware was initiated in West Baltimore in the summer of 2008 in association with Assistant Professor Blaise De Paolo of the Morgan State University art department.  RAP artists and interns conduct workshops with to train youth and adults in the production of architectural tile and functional ceramic products. The goal is a sustainable micro-business that provides a means of creative income generation and potential employment opportunities.

photos of the RAPware adult workshops

photos of the after-school student workshops

photos of RAP at the flower mart

RAP’s first successful sales of ceramics “Made in West Baltimore”  took place at the 2009 Flower Mart in Baltimore’s historic Mount Vernon Place. 

Ceramic Tiles


  1. Theme:  home

  2. Created by Lockerman Bundy and Morgan State students

  3. Tile mural installed in main hall of the school

project photos